Over 3 billion people remain totally unreached by the gospel, and over 75% of them live in Asia.

They have no Bible, no local church and no Christian witness. We partner with indigenous church planters, evangelists and organisations to bring the good news of Jesus to unreached people groups and support the growth of the church across Asia.

Unreached   Minimally Reached   Superficially reached   Partially reached   Significantly reached

Unreached people groups; Source: Joshua Project

Our projects range from church planting and leadership training to orphanages and disaster relief. Some of our partners distribute Bibles, whilst others rescue women from slavery. Some feed the hungry and some provide shelter for refugees.

Through each project our partners long to make Jesus known and bring Him praise.

In the field

Out in the field, we seek out faithful men and women with exciting ambitions for the gospel. We go and meet them, checking out their work and doing all necessary due diligence before deciding how to partner with them. Then we report back, feeding you the news they send us.

AsiaLink visit projects

On top of this, we continue to make regular visits in person, supporting them and receiving first-hand insight into what daily gospel work looks like in each location.

We also take short-term teams out to Asia, to carry Bibles across borders and support our brothers and sisters in the Asian church. What’s stopping you from joining us?!

Closer to home

Across the UK and Ireland, we engage churches and individuals like you with the immense need in Asia for the gospel.

We bring Asia to you by…

  • speaking at church services and other meetings all over the British Isles
  • publishing a vibrant, engaging (and totally free) quarterly magazine
  • emailing out monthly prayer updates
  • writing regular news articles, along with the latest field updates
  • sharing the latest stories from Asia on Facebook and Twitter

HistoryMakers is our youth ministry which exists to place mission on the hearts of young people. We also produce challenging videos to transport you to different parts of Asia, and a few minutes browsing our mission videos is time well spent!