All around the world women remain on the wrong side of injustice and oppression, and in many parts of Asia this has a profound impact on their daily lives.

AsiaLink mission to women

From the stigma of poverty and marginalisation to the horrific realities of the sex trade, our partners encounter many women who are lost and broken.

Some benefit from simple steps like being taught a new skill to help them survive as widows, whilst others need rescuing from a life of prostitution and addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

Case study: Mongolia

Many women in Ulaanbaatar have been involved in prostitution from a young age, so we are delighted that our partners are offering them a way out through employment in jewellery-making, clothes production, and childcare. Some see their lives changed by this new opportunity, while others flit between the centre and the streets, lured away by alcohol, friends or money.

AsiaLink shelter women

Our partners share the Bible and sing hymns with the women daily, showing them freedom and hope in Christ, and some women ask to join churches. We have been pleased to support this project as they continue their hard work and seek to move to new premises.

Case study: South East Asia

The team celebrated as an entire brothel came to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour for the first time. Seven girls, along with the owner of the brothel, made the decision to follow Jesus and leave the sex industry.

All eight were baptised and the team continue to walk beside them as they get to grips with the Christian faith.

At another brothel, the police organised a raid on the premises. They arrested the owner and our partners were able to speak with some of the girls left in the aftermath.

We are currently supporting women’s projects in Mongolia, India and South East Asia*.

* Countries not disclosed for security reasons

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