It is our strong belief that the best people to reach Asians are Asians - people who know the language, understand the culture and can engage with local religions and superstitions.

As a result, we are committed to training up indigenous workers, in order to provide evangelists for the mission field and pastors for the church. Our support for such work varies from the funding of teachers and colleges to bursaries for individual students.


One of our staff recently reported from a Bible college in Myanmar, which has around 30 students enrolled in both residential programmes and long-distance learning.

Most students come from villages far from the major cities. They are sent with recommendations, often by their own local pastor, and I was encouraged by their eagerness to study God’s Word and their wholehearted engagement with the lessons being taught. After finishing their studies, students are either sent to villages where a pastor is required or they return to their home churches for further training under their local pastor. 


We currently assist the training of leaders in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Mongolia, South East Asia* and the Middle East*.

* Countries not disclosed for security reasons

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