South-East Asia is home to a number of nations which are closed to the gospel.


Countries like Vietnam and Laos are one-party Communist states with little freedom for religious belief and practice.

Cambodia has become more tolerant in recent decades, and Thailand has taken active steps towards freedom of religion. In most other nations, religious freedom can vary dramatically from one region to another.

There are also a number of social problems. Many nations experience poverty on a wide scale, and human trafficking fuels the sex trade across vast swathes of the region.

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We are working alongside those who seek to rescue women from the sex trade, offering them the chance to learn new skills as well as sharing with them the hope of the gospel.

Other partners of ours run agricultural projects which provide employment and opportunities for Christian witness in the marketplaces.

The distribution of Bibles is also important in this region, since many have so little access to Scripture, and we are heavily involved in bringing God's Word to a number of groups and localities.


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