The second largest country on the Arabian peninsula has seen itself torn apart by war, with many dead, hundreds of thousands malnourished and the currency collapsing.

Damage to infrastructure has left millions without access to clean water, and a cholera epidemic claimed 2,200 lives in 2017.

More than half the nation, including every child in the country, is in need of humanitarian assistance, and a Unicef representative remarked that they would all carry physical and psychological scars for the rest of their lives.

Before the war, there was very little religious freedom and expatriates were not free to talk about their faith. The conflict has only worsened the plight of Christians.


How to pray

  • For an end to the conflict which is destroying millions of lives and tearing the nation apart
  • For effective provision of aid and opportunities for Christian witness to people who will never have heard the gospel before
  • For Christians to remain strong in the face of persecution from the government, religious leaders and family members