The constitution of Vietnam guarantees freedom of religion but this is rarely borne out in practice.

Many churches are denied registration with the Communist authorities, and those who do register come up against many restrictions and a great deal of bureaucracy. However, the church has grown since active persecution relented.

The nation's economy has grown since modernisation but wealth has not reached the rural areas.

The government takes a strong authoritarian stance, and has set up a new unit to monitor and quash political dissent by its citizens online. Many Christians remain in prison for alleged anti-government activity.

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How to pray

  • For the church to continue to grow in light of its new relative freedoms, and for the state to relax its restrictions on Christian activity
  • For Christians who remain in prison facing poor conditions, and for those they witness to
  • For wisdom for church leaders over issues with registration and the control of the authorities
  • That church growth would increase among native 'Kinh' Vietnamese as well as minority groups such as the Hmong and tribal groups
  • For an increase in the distribution of Bibles to meet severe shortages, and for effective training to remedy the relative immaturity of current leadership