The residents of Syria have lived in a war zone for years, and many have fled to find a new life as refugees.

Those who remain lack safety and are at risk of ill-health due to living conditions and the deterioration of the health system. Financial strains mean many children are sent out to work at a young age, and education is not easy to find or afford.

There are a number of Christian communities who, along with other groups, were afforded rights in this Muslim majority nation before the rise of militant Islamists in various regions.

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How to pray

  • For negotiations to bring an end to conflict and set the nation on a path towards peace
  • That God would provide for refugees scattered far and wide, and that the work of Christians in the relief effort would bear fruit for the gospel
  • For Christians, and pastors especially, to remain faithful and trust in the Lord despite strong persecution by Islamist groups
  • For those who have fled to other nations to encounter Christian witness and churches which tell them of salvation in Christ