Pakistan has a largely Muslim population, and Christians and Hindus often face discrimination and more serious forms of persecution. The blasphemy law is regularly abused when individuals have disagreements with those of other faiths.

Problems in the nation include poverty, drought and famine. Many in desert regions face a daily struggle to survive, whilst the poor in other regions are at risk of becoming bonded labourers if they need to borrow money.

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How to pray

  • Pray for the nation's political parties and justice system to uphold freedom of religion and protect minorities from persecution
  • Pray for believers to persevere with confidence through trials such as persecution and poverty
  • Pray for those seeking to bring the Gospel to Pakistan, whether to Muslims or Hindus, to do so with boldness and joy
  • Pray for our partners' projects to continue without opposition as they provide schooling, adult learning, shelters and relief, sharing good news along the way