The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea regularly hits the headlines.

The current leader, Kim Jong-Un, has made a commitment towards denuclearisation. He has also met several times with the South Korean President, Moon Jae-In, leading to historic state visits and the reunification of families separated by the national border.

Although the nation is largely isolationist and closed, many Westerners (including Christians) are allowed in to work on aid and development projects.

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How to pray

  • For the leaders of the nation to hear and believe the Gospel and submit to the Lord
  • For the Gospel to be welcomed and proclaimed within North Korea's borders
  • For Christians enduring persecution and imprisonment to stand firm in their faith
  • For believers to be able to meet in safety for mutual encouragement
  • For continued access to the country through humanitarian projects
  • For efforts to promote health and nutrition to benefit the country and its people
  • For broadcasting ministries and other ministries to reach many

14 days of prayer for North Korea

14 days of prayer for North Korea booklet

Our new booklet helps you pray for the nation, its
leaders, its citizens and its spiritual state