Iraq is a nation built on oil reserves, and politics tend to be dominated by how resulting wealth is controlled and distributed.

The rebuilding of the nation continues after the Gulf Wars and years of international sanctions. Meanwhile, corruption prevents effective government, many are unemployed and internal conflicts persist between different ethnic groups.

Islamist groups have inflicted strong persecution on religious minorities, driving many out of the country. The relative autonomy of the Kurdish region has allowed more religious freedom, although it remains to be seen whether this autonomy will last.

Iraq stats

How to pray

  • For reconciliation of rival groups in order to bring about stable national leadership and safety for all citizens
  • For the many who live in poverty, and all those displaced by war and persecution
  • For true freedom of religion in the nation, and for the survival of the church under intense persecution
  • That the gospel would break into this nation where all but a few of the people groups are unreached