Ongoing economic struggles have led to protests by the nation’s rural poor in recent times. There is high unemployment, and only a small amount of the economy is in the private sector.

Islam is the official religion of Iran, which is governed according to Sharia law.

Some marginal groups are allowed to be Christians, but they are treated as second class citizens and sharing the gospel can lead to imprisonment and abuse. There is no freedom for believers who convert from Islam to gather, worship or witness.

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How to pray

  • For a peaceful resolution to current economic struggles, and improved opportunities for the poor
  • That believers in prison would come through daily trials by faith, and share the good news with others
  • For God to continue to save many Iranians from Muslim backgrounds, as He has been in recent decades
  • For organisations seeking to provide Scripture and leadership training to the church
  • For the church to expand into areas which are home to some of the world’s largest unreached groups