China is ruled by the Communist Party under the powerful figurehead of Xi Jinping. The Party requires devotion from all citizens, and the Christian faith is increasingly seen as a barrier to this undivided loyalty.

State-registered churches are under strict government control, which has led to a proliferation of underground churches alongside systematic persecution in many provinces.

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How to pray

  • Give thanks that underground churches are flourishing and God is adding to their number daily those who are being saved - there is no parallel to this growth in recent history
  • Give thanks that the church has a missionary vision, longing to reach the nation’s unreached people groups
  • For the Communist Party’s atheist agenda to be seen for the hollow agenda it is
  • That those in state-registered churches would hear and trust the gospel even amid government interference
  • For ongoing witness in the nation’s universities which have been at the core of church growth
  • For outreach among minority groups, including Muslims - that the gospel would reach and impact them through spoken word and Bible translation