Most famous for the genocide under the rule of the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia has also suffered from war and corruption, rendering it one of the poorest nations on earth.

Whilst the country's economy is growing, only a few are benefiting, with over a third of the nation living below the poverty line. Many suffer through homelessness, child labour and the sex trade, and drugs continue to pose an increasing problem.

Whilst there are some restrictions on Christian witness in this largely Buddhist nation, people are generally open to the gospel where it is proclaimed. The church has grown at a great pace since the 1990s through indigenous church planting and evangelism.

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How to pray

  • That the government would move away from corrupt practices and address the needs of those in poverty
  • For those vulnerable to exploitation, and for workers seeking to rescue them and share the gospel
  • For church growth to continue, and for Bible schools to effectively train leaders to address a lack of maturity in the church
  • For outreach to the many Buddhists in Cambodia, as well as Muslim and tribal minorities