The nation's location in the Himalayas restricts opportunities for economic development, and around a quarter of people live in poverty.

The nation presents itself as the happiest on earth, but beneath the surface there are many tensions and day-to-day struggles.

Religions other than Buddhism are unwelcome, and those of other faiths are denied rights such as state education and even water.

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How to pray

  • For a relaxing of laws established in fear of destabilisation through Westernisation and democracy
  • For Bhutanese converts, who risk losing their citizenship and rights, to see that Christ surpasses all earthly things
  • For the ongoing training of Christian leaders and support for their ministry
  • That God would open a door for foreign missionary work once more
  • For believers across the borders with India and Nepal to share the gospel and distribute literature
  • For evangelists to operate boldly and with wisdom, and to be protected in a hostile environment