Afghanistan has been ravaged by decades of conflict. Infrastructure has been destroyed, houses lie in ruins and landmines litter the landscape.

Economic recovery is continually hindered by ongoing conflict, and the national economy continues to rely heavily on opium. The political system is hindered by corruption, and resistance to national leaders and International organisations remains strong.

Some religious groups are afforded freedom to worship, but it is dangerous to witness or to convert away from Islam.

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How to pray

  • That leaders would find a way forward in leading the nation towards peace
  • For the poor and the disabled - most of the nation relies on subsistence farming, and many live with injuries as a result of war
  • For the nation’s problem with drugs, both in terms of production and addiction
  • For Christian organisations providing relief and development assistance to be a powerful witness for Christ
  • That the nation’s many unreached people groups would receive the gospel through ongoing Bible translation projects and effective outreach