In recent weeks, the spread of the highly infectious coronavirus has grabbed attention around the world. The virus was first detected in the city of Wuhan, the capital of China’s Hubei region, and has since spread to several nations world-wide. 

There are just under 60,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in China as a whole, with the majority of infections having occurred in and around Wuhan where life has ground to a halt. Citizens are being urged to remain indoors, emergency treatment centres have been erected and the streets are empty - a striking sight for a city of over 11 million people. 

As the virus continues to spread and efforts to contain and treat it intensify, we are mindful of our Christian brothers and sisters close to this crisis - Wuhan is home to around 470,000 professing believers. One AsiaLink partner has distributed over 380,000 Bibles in the Hubei region to date, but the lockdown has curtailed this work. Our partner has also been able to share some prayer requests from a pastor of a church in Wuhan:

“The church is part of a great struggle. We are facing a severe test of our faith, and we feel that as Christians in our city are not only called to suffer with the people, but we have been called to pray for those who are fearful, and to introduce them to the peace of Christ.

“Please pray for the peace of Christ to rule and reign in our hearts, so that we may be a witness to those who are without hope.

“Pray that through this hardship, God's children will grow nearer to the Almighty, and that the Lord will use it to purify our souls and give us many opportunities to proclaim the Gospel.

“Please pray for God's mercy upon Wuhan, and ask Him to bring peace upon our city, province and all of China at this time.

“Please ask the Lord to use this pestilence for His glory, so that when it is over, there will be many more souls born-again into the kingdom of God than have perished.”