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Caught in the Crossfire

Many of the circumstances that children find themselves in across Asia are truly heart-breaking. Myanmar is home to the world’s longest-running civil war. For over 70 years, this nation has been embroiled in fighting between state forces and various armies formed from different people groups.

Millions in Myanmar live alongside this seemingly endless conflict. Shooting, bombings and death are just a part of everyday life for many.

We have shared previously about the work of our partners in this part of the world reaching refugees who have to flee from this constant fighting. Many children and young people are left without homes to go to or families to care for them. It is a real privilege to be able to support ongoing ministry to children like these and we are so encouraged when we receive news of young people thriving and coming to faith through this ministry.

As you might expect in a place as full of conflict as Myanmar, there are often stories that deeply sadden us. Our partners have shared news with us about two young brothers who stayed at one of the homes for a while: Mahka and Silya.


The brothers had been separated from their father when their home was attacked. The pair found a safe home with our partners and after hearing the Word of God taught faithfully, began to follow Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

The boys later left the home to be reunited with their father. When fighting recommenced, the family were forced to constantly be on the move. Sadly, Silya, the younger brother, rang our partners with the news that Mahka had passed away after a short illness.

Silya thanked our partners for introducing his brother to the Lord and shared that they both never forgot what they had learned while living at the home. Silya was invited back to the home but the journey would be too dangerous to complete.

We thank God for the gift of His Son and for saving Mahka. Although his life on earth was difficult, he is now with the Lord forever. Please pray for Silya that the Lord would comfort him at this time and that he would continue to trust and follow Christ.

Outreach in Bhutan

Our partners in Bhutan have shared news with us about how the current pandemic is affecting their ministry.

Early in July, measures were relaxed enough to enable churches to meet again after a long period of meeting online. At this time, the church in the capital Thimphu was able to resume outreach and several people came to faith in the short time before stricter measures were reintroduced.

While plans for baptisms of these new believers have been put on hold, the church has returned to online meetings and eagerly anticipate relaxations in September.

Encouragingly, the smaller house churches in Bhutan have continued to grow in the Lord. They were able to continue visiting each other and fasting and prayer has been a big feature recently of these fellowships.

Our partner has asked for prayer for a man he recently had the opportunity to share the gospel with. The man is an ex-Buddhist monk. For years, he lived and worked in the monasteries in Bhutan encouraging people to worship Buddha and gather up good karma.

When our partner met him, the ex-monk had many questions about Christianity which led to a great conversation. As our partner continues to build a relationship with this man, would you pray that the Lord save this ex-monk as the truth of God’s Word is shared?

Church growth in China

Between the coronavirus, Hong Kong and situation with the Uyghurs, China is rarely out of the spotlight these days.

We have shared multiple times in the past about increasing persecution in China against Christians. Church leaders continue to disappear, financial rewards are given to those who replace Christian artwork in their home with Communist ones and house churches are regularly raided.

Among all this, ministry in China has been continuing. While the opposition to Christianity here remains as strong as ever, churches continue to serve God and reach others with the Gospel.

Our partner has shared insight from one house church leader. He reports that since the virus appeared in China, there has been new openness and receptiveness to the Gospel. Despite gatherings being banned and multiple online platforms for Christians shut down, it is likely that millions of people will have come to Christ since the virus struck China. 

With restrictions lifting, many churches are being planted among these new believers and God’s Word continues to be distributed. The church leader in China reports that demand was so great in one area, that almost 40,000 Bibles were given to new believers!

Praise God for continuing to work in the lives of so many in China. Pray that the Lord would continue to build His church and for believers in China to continue faithfully witnessing to others, even in the face of persecution.

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Good news in India: reaching out as cases hit 3 million

In a land as populated as India, it is no great surprise that coronavirus has spread widely among its people.

Around a quarter of India’s 1.3 billion people live in abject poverty, surviving off around 33p a day. Hundreds of millions live in slums, where sanitation is in short supply and social distancing an impossible dream.

The number of corona cases in India has just crossed the three million mark. Around 70,000 cases are detected every day. Hospitals are under incredible strain while the poorest are the worst affected.

Work is in shorter supply than ever. For many families, the little income they once had is gone. While we in the West are beginning to enjoy small steps back to normality, life will never be the same for millions in India.

We continue to support our partners providing vital relief and aid to struggling families. Not only have thousands of food packages been distributed but families are being educated about how to protect themselves from infection as well.

At the heart of all this work is a desire to share Christ. The love of God is being both clearly shown and shared with families in need. Please continue to pray for our partners in India as they meet a small part of the immense need.

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On the Road Again

We have all been paying close attention to official guidance as we anticipate the return to gathered fellowship.

While different regions have been easing restrictions at different rates, churches are able to meet again in most places, albeit in a very different manner!

Our team are eager to get back on the road and share what God has been doing in Asia with your church or group, gladly adhering to any safety procedures put in place.

Alternatively, our suite of video resources remains available. These range in length from three minutes to twenty minutes and are suitable for use in an online or gathered service. 

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