Myanmar was known as Burma until 1989, when the military junta renamed the nation.

Myanmar children

In 2006, a new capital city was built and named Naypyidaw. The city has a 20-lane highway, golf courses, fast wifi and reliable electricity. The only thing it lacks is people: the population is just 924,608 compared with Yangon’s 7,360,703!

Of the 55 million population, 75% are Buddhist while about 5% are evangelical Christians. Animism is also prevalent, and there remains a deep suspicion of Christians - especially when they engage with foreigners.

Persecution of minority groups is common in Myanmar. As well as the well-publicised Rohingyas, over a million people from Karen, Karenni and Shan minorities are displaced in the jungles. Many are without shelter, food or medicine.

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Total population: 52,890,000

Unreached people: 84.4%

Main religion: Buddhism


For years, we have helped children orphaned by government troops forcing Karen people out of Myanmar. Most of these refugees are Buddhist but their hearts quickly open and we give them Bibles.

The local government are so impressed that they now send children to the home. 

We are training indigenous leaders and evangelists for Myanmar, with many graduates involved in church planting. Some have stayed in Yangon working in orphanages and schools.

Our partners translate teaching and devotional materials, then distribute them to indigenous pastors and evangelists who use them for preaching and teaching. We enabled the publication of a much-appreciated Two Volume Expository Commentary.

We have also supported the printing and distribution of Bibles in several languages, as well as providing funds towards relief work after disasters.


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Bible distribution in Myanmar