The nations of the Middle East are widely associated with extremism, oil barons and power struggles.

Middle East

In Iran, economic problems have led to protests by the rural poor; in Iraq there are continuing feuds between Sunnis, Shias and Kurds; fighting continues in Syria and a number of other conflicts blight the region.

However, beneath the surface there are millions of citizens seeking to make their way through day to day life. National citizens in poverty, refugees fleeing to safety, and millions of others simply living out their lives. They are workers, parents, friends and, in most cases, Muslims.

The role of Christianity in the Middle East varies significantly. Some nations uphold religious freedom for all, while others operate to a staunchly Muslim agenda.

Even in relatively open states, such as the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, Christian evangelism tends to be restricted or prohibited.

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We are working to provide Bibles to the Middle East through our Secret Entrance appeal. This project is also supporting the provision of training to future Christian leaders in closed countries.

Some of our partners work among refugee communities, providing basic care and sharing the hope of the gospel.

We assist with agricultural and enterprise projects which improve the lives of many and enable a Christian witness.

Churches and community work are also an important part of our work in the Middle East, and we have assisted with disaster relief in the past.


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