The Maldives consists of nearly 1200 small islands. However, rising sea levels are making loss of land to water a huge concern for the nation.

Malé Maldives

To prepare for the future, the government has purchased islands from places such as Sri Lanka, Australia and India in case the need to relocate arises. Furthermore, it is building an artificial island which will be home to the City of Hope - expected to accommodate 130,000 citizens.

The Maldives is one of the least reached nations on earth and it’s not just because of its size and isolation in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

These islands claim to be 100% Muslim, and while there are thought to be a handful of Christians on the islands, the government prevents any religion other than Islam from gaining a foothold.

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Total population: 417,000

Unreached people: 99.99%

Main Religion: Islam


We are enabling gospel workers to reach out in this closed country.


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