In some countries, life is particularly difficult for those with disabilities.

We are working in a closed country where 5.6% of the population have disabilities and additional needs, and where the government has historically marginalised these people.

All I want for Christmas is to smile for the first time

Cleft lip childI am 5 years old. I live in an orphanage, and was born with a cleft lip and palate. Many children make fun of kids like me. The surgery to fix my lip and palate is quite simple but it’s really hard to get it in my country.

All I want for Christmas is to smile for the first time.

Will you help me and others like me?


A lack of funding and surgical skills means children will not receive medical treatment without your help. 

Through our partners, we have helped many children already, seizing an opportunity to display the love and care of God to those considered the very least in their own nation. It’s been a real blessing to see these operations with our very own eyes.

However, there are thousands of children still waiting for your help.

Could you put a smile on a child’s face for the first time this Christmas?

Gifts of all sizes will be warmly welcomed, and we would value your prayers for this work. 

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