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Stories of Hope

God is transforming lives in Asia.

Over the past number of weeks we’ve been sharing short stories of hope with our supporters. Our prayer is that these good news stories would encourage and thrill you as you read how our amazing God is transforming lives in Asia. Please pray for each person in the following stories. Each one lives in a Muslim–majority nation known for persecution of Christians.


Healing in Kurdistan

Sama is a newly trained church planter in Kurdistan, Iraq. Her neighbours are a Muslim family who are Syrian refugees.

Recently, while sharing the story of Jesus with them, Sama learned that the husband of the family had been in a bad car accident and was in ICU with head injuries. The family were told he only had a 10% chance of recovery. With the Lord’s help, Sama encouraged the distraught family to pray to her Jesus and ask Him to heal their dad. 

Such was their distress that they did as Sama asked. The next morning, the family had a phone call from the hospital telling them that the bleed on the brain had miraculously stopped during the night. Although the husband had sustained major head injuries, he would recover with no lasting brain damage!

The family were overjoyed that this Jesus had healed their dad. Pray for Sama as she continues to share the gospel with them that they might come to faith in Jesus.


Escape & Education in Pakistan

Roshni is one of six children and the only girl. Her brothers have all had some education, walking around 7 kilometres a day to get to school. Out of fear of exploitation and abuse, Roshni’s parents refused to let her attend the school. Imagine not allowing your child to attend primary school!

Our partners heard about their dilemma and offered her a place at their children’s home. Here, education is provided through a local Christian school, also operated by our partners.

Within one hour she was in her new home. Roshni wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Now she has the possibility of achieving that dream. Her teachers are already encouraged and excited by her potential to learn. 

Roshni is one of many little girls in Pakistan who are at risk of exploitation. Your gifts, large and small, could make the difference between slavery and freedom.


Salvation in Iraq

Majeed had been intrigued by the conversation he had with the Christian at the gas station today. He had told him about a man called Jesus who was the Son of the living God and had the power to forgive sins. When sin was mentioned Majeed had experienced a sting of guilt, but was this Jesus real? On seeing his discomfort, the Christian said to him, tonight I want you to pray to God and ask Him to reveal Himself to you.

After his evening meal he said his prayers to Allah and then he added a prayer to Jesus asking Him to prove to him that he was who his friend had said He was. That night in a dream Jesus appeared to him assuring him that He was real and that he had heard his prayer.

It took some months of prayer and questions but now Majeed is involved in a house church and is being discipled by other believers. Hallelujah!

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