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Your generosity is helping us provide over 70 motorbikes for evangelists through the ‘On Your Bike’ appeal!

We are deeply thankful for your incredible response to our recent appeal. Your support is already helping us provide evangelists in Asia with motorbikes to get them where the gospel needs to go.

Masih serves the Lord in Pakistan and has recently received his motorbike. In his region, many people work in brick factories as bonded labourers, effectively enslaved due to debts which can never be repaid. Masih has been instrumental in the planting of two churches and is heavily involved in outreach among the community of bonded workers, as well as in local villages. However, his ability to travel to the brick factories for outreach was limited due to the costs and time involved. 

Now that Masih has received his new motorbike, with all registration and taxes covered as well, he will have much more opportunity to visit these areas in need of the gospel. He will be able to travel further and more often, enabling his ministry to grow in depth and breadth!

masih with his bike
masih with his bike

Two motorbikes have also been provided for evangelists in South–East Asia. One of these workers only joined the team recently, and the gift of a motorbike will enable him to focus on an entirely new region which is full of unreached villages.

The impact of motorbikes in this part of Asia is immense. When asked why they are so essential to the kind of rural ministry he is involved with, one of our partners answered, “these are not just motorbikes, they’re lifelines!” Not only do evangelists carry the good news with them as they travel between villages, they also bring essential medical supplies and food packages in times of great need.

Over the next few months, we’ll be continuing to arrange the provision of more motorbikes in Pakistan, India, South–East Asia and other locations. We praise God for your incredible response to the ‘On Your Bike’ appeal, which means that many motorbikes can be provided wherever needs arise in the coming months and years. We will continue to update you on the progress of this initiative.

We are deeply grateful for your support, and ask you to pray that the Lord would bless the continued efforts of evangelists across Asia, using them to bring many to Himself.

You can still donate to the ‘On Your Bike!’ appeal by clicking below.

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