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Imprisoned in Iran

Can you imagine being sentenced to 8 years in prison for going to Bible college and leading a church? It happened to Sophie.

According to Operation World, Iran is home to the fastest growing church in the world. Eyes are being opened to the futility of Islam and an Islamic government. God is moving mightily, bringing many to Himself.

As a result, the church has grown rapidly, and there is enormous need for trained and supported church leaders to pastor this flock. In the past we’ve been privileged to support training conferences for the next generation of Iranian church leaders.

Sophie, whose name has been changed for security, is one of the students being trained for ministry in Iran. Coming from a Muslim background, she came to faith and has been a part of the college for many years. Alongside her studies, and with her husband, she has been involved with leading a network of underground churches in–country.


Sophie was arrested along with her husband two years ago for “acting against national security”. In reality, they had been detained for helping plant new house churches. Sophie’s trial was held earlier this month. Sadly, she was sentenced to an eight–year prison sentence. Her husband received a lesser sentence of three years due to a medical condition.

Sophie was asked how she could be prayed for:

“I don’t have any personal prayer requests, but please pray for our dear country so that the love and grace of the Lord would be known here. May we sing new songs for our Lord and may we lift his glorious name in our country. Thank you for being with us every step of the way and for giving me this amazing education. I am so thankful for the divine family that we are in the Lord.”

Please pray for Sophie and her husband at this time that they would know the Lord’s strength and comfort. Pray too for the Lord to deliver justice in this instance and that by His power, the convictions would be quashed. 

Pray also, as Sophie has asked, that the name of Lord would be known and praised widely in Iran despite the opposition faced here.

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