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India’s Covid Crisis

Fears of an imminent and unprecedented tragedy are growing as India records a global high for cases recorded in a single day. Hospitals in Delhi are running out of beds, the sick are forced to remain at home and a black market for medical supplies has erupted in the shadow of a struggling healthcare system.

On Monday 26 April, 352,991 COVID–19 cases were recorded in India – a new global high for cases recorded in a single day – with the situation forecast to worsen further. Virologists are predicting an infection peak of 500,000 cases per day in the coming weeks.

man in mask
man in mask

For those unable to access hospital treatment, a black market for medical supplies has grown rapidly. Essential items such as oxygen cylinders can be found, but cost over ten times the usual price. With approximately one quarter of India’s 1.3 billion inhabitants living in poverty, securing these items is simply not an option.

The lockdown resulting from the current crisis has brought about a repeat of the problems faced in India last year. Unemployment is soaring, migrant workers are carrying the virus with them as they return to their families from the cities, and many are at risk of severe food shortages. Sadly, our partner in the south of India has informed us that two pastors in his local network of churches have died from the virus. Both men were in their fifties.

partner at work
partner at work

Relief efforts continue in this region, with our partner having been heavily involved in providing essential items over the past year. Currently, the most pressing need is for personal protective equipment, both for frontline workers and for those ministering to affected families. 

In Delhi, our partners are continuing to provide masks and food packages to those struggling to cope. 

We are incredibly grateful to all who have supported relief efforts in India this past year, both prayerfully and practically. Once again, we ask that you please pray with us for India in this time of medical emergency and for our partners as they minister in any way they can.

You can provide aid through our partners in India by giving to our Action Fund.

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