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Myanmar Coup: Update

Please pray urgently as our partners fear for their safety in the continuing aftermath of the coup in Myanmar.

The situation on the border lands where our partners are working with children from ethnic groups is still very unstable.

At present the children situated over the border are safe and still able to be there, however they need a night guard on duty who could if necessary, raise the alarm for them to flee.

Further inland, one of the homes is safe and untouched but the other home is in an area where there are Burmese soldiers who are roaming the village causing the residents deep fear. 

At the moment there has been no window of opportunity to move these children to safety and so continued prayer for their safety would be appreciated. Some little ones and babies are still located in a cave in the jungle and are safe for the time being but getting supplies to the various groups who are hiding out remains difficult.

Their contacts report silent missiles being dropped by the Burmese on villages, giving villagers no time to flee and resulting in total destruction. Churches are also being targeted for intimidation by the army, causing fear and anxiety.

Our partners ask for prayer for themselves and their team as they undertake this hazardous work.Please continue to pray for their efforts to bring aid to IDPs, for peace and justice in Myanmar, for the hearts of the army and their leadership to be changed and for local Christians reaching out to others in these difficult days.

Pray particularly for our partners as they co–ordinate relief efforts and seek to lead others to safety amid the chaos in Myanmar.

Listen to an interview with one of our partners on the ground in Myanmar in the first episode of the AsiaLink Podcast.

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