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Tour d’Asia Cycling Challenge

Cycling over 8,000 miles to raise money for the On Your Bike Appeal!

We’re seeking cyclists of all abilities to join the Tour d’Asia this April, raising funds for our On Your Bike Appeal to supply gospel workers with bikes of their very own.

The challenge is to collectively travel over 8,000 miles in the month of April – a distance representing the journey from our office in Northwich to Bangkok in Thailand!

planned route
planned route

Register to be a part of it, and as everyone logs their miles, we’ll add them up and provide regular updates on how far the peloton has made it across Asia.

A fundraising page dedicated to Tour d’Asia has been set up, so anyone wishing to sponsor you can do so at We will also provide you with graphics to share on social media to help you build up support!

It’s a huge distance, but we’d love people of all abilities to join in! Whether you’re a keen cyclist out every weekend or just off the stabilisers, we’d love to have you join us!

To help ensure the distance gets covered, we’re asking all who want to take part to register at one of the following entry levels:


A commitment to cycle at least 100 miles across the month. Perfect for regular cyclists.


A commitment to cycle at least 30 miles across the month. Perfect for irregular cyclists or those getting back on the bike for the first time in a while!


A commitment to cycle as many miles as you can across the month. This entry level is perfect for occasional cyclists or younger cyclists who would love to take part – just have a parent or guardian register on your behalf! 

If cycling isn’t an option for you, but would like to take part by walking or running instead, this is the entry level for you as well.


With your permission, you will be added to a WhatsApp group of all participants, through which your miles can be logged and updates shared. 


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