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Restoring Yazidi Women

We’re thrilled to share news of a new initiative by our partners in Iraq reaching Yazidi women. 

Many women in the Middle East, particularly those belonging to minority people groups like the Yazidi, suffered under the reign of ISIS in the region. Facing violence, persecution and sexual assault, many women and their families fled their homes for safety elsewhere. 

Settling in large refugee camps in northern Iraq, they may have escaped imminent danger but left everything behind in doing so – homes, possessions and livelihoods included. Our partners encounter many women still bearing scars from the past.

One woman, called Tara, was captured by ISIS when they invaded her village. She witnessed the murder of her father before being taken away. For five years, she was kept captive as a sex slave. When Tara eventually escaped, she returned home to discover that no–one else in her family had survived. Later, she found shelter and safety in one of the camps where our partners minister.

Refugee camp in northern Iraq
Refugee camp in northern Iraq

Tara’s story is full of unimaginable horror and is sadly one of many who have suffered. In response, our partners have begun a renewed effort to reach women like Tara and see them restored emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The team run weekly trauma–healing courses to help women process what has happened to them. Plans are in place to begin a ministry supporting new and recent mothers among the Yazidi, providing multiple opportunities for friendships and the gospel. Support to help these women gain employment is also available. Recently, our partners have been able to assist in the training of ten Yazidi nurses and midwives.

Please pray with us for this ministry and for women like Tara who are being reached through it. Pray that the Lord would bring healing and hope emotionally and spiritually. Pray too for ongoing efforts by our partners to provide Scriptures in the Yazidi language.


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