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Faithful Under Fire

Standing with those who fear the unexpected knock at the door.

There is a knock at the door. You and I would not think twice about answering – we do not fear unexpected callers. In our churches, the lights are on and God’s praise is heard loud and clear. The Word is preached openly; we even broadcast services online so that all may hear.

Weddings, funerals and baptisms take place publicly, with God’s goodness proclaimed. In the workplace and in the public square, laws protect our freedom to believe and declare the truth ofthe gospel. We are free to speak with non–believers, encouraging them to consider the claims of Christ. In the West, we are incredibly privileged. In Asia, the story is often very different.

Indian man
Indian man

For many, the freedoms we take for granted simply do not exist. People ask us, ‘Why is Asia so unreached?’ Severe opposition to Jesus is a significant factor right across the continent. In the Middle East, Islamic oppression has sought to destroy any other faith. In India, Hindu nationalism has led to increased persecution against believers. In South–East Asia, Buddhist and animist opposition has caused families to split along religious lines. Meanwhile, Communist governments – especially in North Korea and China – are committing callous acts against God’s people.

We long to see Asia set free – to see the church meet and witness openly without fear of imprisonment, torture or execution. We long to see the gospel proclaimed freely and received openly by all whom the Lord calls. We long to see an Asian church which no longer dreads the unexpected knock at the door. And we believe in the power of Jesus to transform every Asian life.

Praise God that despite fierce opposition, He is still building His church in Asia in both breadth and depth! 

We have produced a free prayer guide to help you pray for the persecuted church in Asia. Click below to download.


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