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Baptisms in Mongolia

What a feeling it is to open your emails and receive good news from the field! Our partners in Mongolia have sent us a report following their annual summer camp. The event saw people from the city and villages alike come together for teaching and fellowship, and many brought guests along with them.

Mongolian countryside with tents
Mongolian countryside with tents

This year, 250 people attended the camp and there were 39 new professions of faith. Many of the new believers were from the villages, in which we rejoice. However, we were particularly delighted to hear that some were introduced to our partners and to Christ through the Hope Feeding Centre, our partner project in the nation’s capital city.

Each of the 39 new believers were baptised and are now being introduced to life as part of God’s family. To Him be the glory for these miracles he has worked, and may His Kingdom continue to advance in Mongolia!


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