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Winter Kit Stories

The Minus 50 Appeal provides winter kits with essential clothing to help children cope with the freezing temperatures of Outer Mongolia. 

The lack of thermal clothing means many children struggle to get to school. For many children, school is a vital refuge from difficulties at home. Alcoholism and abuse are prevalent across many underprivileged areas in Mongolia.

Local Christians distributing the winter kits take every opportunity to strike up conversations with the children and their families about Jesus Christ. This ministry has shown much fruit in the past. Below are three stories of how God has used the winter kits to move in the lives of Mongolian families.

Tuvshinzaya and family
Tuvshinzaya and family

Tuvshinzaya was 11 years old living with her parents when the team met her. As both parents are deaf, she has become the primary communicator for the family in all situations. Tuvshinzaya’s home is 4 km from the school, yet there is no public transportation. Every day, she and her brother were able to find lifts to school in the morning but had to walk the distance home, often in the harsh cold. 

When the team gave Tuvshinzaya and her siblings winter kits, they were also able to share the gospel. It was the first time the family had ever heard about Jesus Christ. Tuvshinzaya began to come to church along with her dad, excited about discovering more about Jesus.

Kaliunaa in her new coat
Kaliunaa in her new coat

Khaliunaa lives in a yurt with her mother, two siblings, aunt and two cousins. Khaliunaa was raised by her mother alone, who despite having a speech impediment, works hard to provide for the family. When the team brought Khaliunaa new clothes, she was thrilled by the gift and, in particular, that the clothes, boots and jacket were all the right size! 

Khaliunaa came along to a special meeting at the church for recipients of the winter kits. Here, she heard the gospel and the Lord began working in her heart. Afterwards, the team followed up with Khaliunaa to encourage her in faith.

The family in their yurt
The family in their yurt
Bolormaa & Bayanmunkh

When four children from the same family were selected to receive winter kits, the team visited their home to meet their parents. Sadly, they discovered that the parents of the children were alcoholics. Our partners were heartbroken to see the older children care for their younger siblings because of the condition of their parents.

When the visit occurred, the team were unable to speak with the parents as they had passed out due to overconsumption of alcohol. After crying out to God for mercy on this family, the team returned a few days later to bring some food for the children. This time they met the children’s mum and dad, Bolormaa and Bayanmunkh. 

With the parents sober, the team took the opportunity to share the gospel. Wonderfully, the Lord touched their hearts and asked them to come again. When the next visit occurred a few days later, Bolormaa and Bayanmunkh had brought their friends to their home so they could hear the gospel as well. Some of their friends came to faith as well. The team put them in touch with a nearby church and a fellowship began to grow in Bolormaa and Bayanmunkh’s home. Every week 16 people are gathering together to learn about God and read the Bible and pray together! Praise God! 

Could you give a winter kit and start a gospel conversation? Each kit costs £50 but gifts of any amount are gratefully received towards this work.


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