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A team of workers in Sri Lanka have created an exciting plan to broadcast biblically–faithful devotional messages on a Tamil–language TV network.

Whilst a multitude of Tamil preachers share messages online, most deliver “inspirational messages” rather than providing faithful biblical exposition. This makes the proposed programmes unique and critically important. The plan is to have a panel of selected preachers appearing on the programme. 

Sri Lankan women in field
Sri Lankan women in field

The team leader told us that,

“Our plan is to make available to the Tamil speaking audience in Sri Lanka – and around the world – a daily opportunity to have the Bible explained faithfully, clearly and practically, so that they may grow in biblical thinking and biblical discipleship.”


By God’s grace, the proposed daily ten–minute slot has been extended to fifteen minutes at no extra cost. The team are also excited by the possibility of sharing and promoting the messages online through their YouTube channel and social media accounts.

Please pray that many would tune in and hear the transforming news of the gospel.


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