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Reaching Japan’s Children

Sharing the story of Jesus with children in Japan through the medium of Manga books.

After Japanese schools closed for several months, pupils returned to find themselves unable to talk to their classmates, with desks moved far apart or separated by dividers. At home, many parents work long hours and so leave their children in day care.

In response to this isolating situation, we have begun a new partnership through which the story of Jesus in being shared with these vulnerable children. The goal is to reach many children with the hope of Jesus through the fun and engaging medium of Manga books.

Japanese girl
Japanese girl

‘The Messiah’ is a 64–page summary of Jesus’ life and ministry. Colourful Manga artwork gives readers a vicarious experience as they read through the booklet with the help of a study guide.

Young readers are being challenged to complete the study guide, with the reward of two copies of a 288–page, biblically faithful Manga–illustrated rendition of the four gospels. One copy is for themselves, with the other to be shared with a friend. The goal is to distribute 10,000 copies of this resource.

With the online portal for the reading challenge up and running, please pray that many children in Japan would engage with the good news of the Messiah and discover his transforming power for themselves!


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