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A Divine Appointment

Our partner and friend Bishnu has been in touch asking for prayer with news of an incredible opportunity to share the gospel in Nepal. Bishnu had recently left on another evangelism trip when he suddenly realised he had forgotten to pack some essentials. What happened next could only be a divine appointment from God!
Jeep on narrow cliff edge
Jeep on narrow cliff edge

“Yesterday, as I left, I had prayed to the Lord that I wanted to share His glorious gospel if He provided someone to ride with me in the car. I was well on my way out of the city when the Lord reminded me of some things I had forgotten to bring. So I decided to turn around and leave next early morning. 

“The next day, I picked up a man from the bus stop where he was waiting to go to where I was going. I discovered that this man was a government officer, working in the mountains! We talked on the journey about all kinds of things: politics, society, business and our families. 

“I played a hymn on the stereo called “Oh Lord create in me a heart for you!” Then I told him that it was about our Creator and that I was a Christian. The officer told me that he actually had a Bible and that he likes to read it. He had even been to church 4–5 times but the true gospel hadn’t been preached. 

“Before the next song had even finished, we were in deep conversation about the gospel. I explained the reality of sin and how the only remedy for it is found in Christ. For three hours in the car, he asked questions which I answered. Questions about baptism, the Lord’s supper and tithing. 

Man looking into distance
Man looking into distance

“I was able to share the gospel of grace and explained the difference between earthly religions and true Christianity! We do good works because we are saved, not to try to be saved like in the world’s religions. Jesus came to take our sin so sinners can be justified by grace through faith. 

“Oh, it was so good to share! He was so thankful for the gospel. I told him that I was supposed to leave the day before, but because God loved him, He turned me around so I would meet him for the purpose of our conversation about the gospel.

“The officer recognised how far he fell from God’s standard of righteousness. I gave him a gospel tract and challenged him to repent and trust in Jesus for his salvation before going to bed that night as we might not see tomorrow. 

“Please pray for the soul of this government officer! What an opportunity to preach the gospel to a government officer in a country so opposed to Jesus! God really can do anything! To Him alone be the glory!”


Thanks to our supporters, we were able to provide Bishnu with a new vehicle to travel around Nepal a couple of years ago. What an encouragement to hear one story of how it has been used for the sake of the gospel!

Please pray for this man, that he would come to faith, and continue to pray for Bishnu as he shares the gospel with the people of Nepal.



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