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Unreached People Group – the Chhetri

Unreached People Group – the Chhetri
Unreached People Group – the Chhetri

This month’s unreached people group are Nepal’s Chhetri people. There are 4.1 million Chhetri in this country with only around 6,000 believers among them.

The Chhetri are predominantly Hindu and speak Nepalese. They have many racial, cultural, and linguistic similarities to the people of northern India. Their domestic and religious practices are also patterned after the caste system found in India. They are mostly found in rural areas and depend on farming to make a living.

Very few of the Chhetri in Nepal know Jesus. Christianity is looked at as a foreign religion. New believers are considered “untouchables” – the caste you do not mix with. Baptism is considered the ultimate proof of conversion, and the person performing the baptism can face up to a six–year prison term.

How To Pray

  • Pray that God will encourage and strengthen those who have converted to Christianity
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to open the hearts of the Chhetri towards Christians so that they will be receptive to the gospel
  • Ask the Lord to raise up strong local churches among the Chhetri

Why not adopt the Chhetri for prayer this month with your children, in your Bible study or in your church?


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