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Safe at Last!

Our partners in Myanmar run a home for children who have fled their homes due to the ongoing conflict between the national Army and various minority groups. This home is a safe place for children and young people where they enjoy Bible teaching and loving care. The team have shared a testimony of one of the newer residents in the home…

“My name is Paw and I am 17 years old. My parents are rice farmers and I have six sisters and two brothers. My family has always struggled to take care of us. Although my parents are rice farmers, our family is very poor.

“The Burmese army has come into our village many times and stolen our rice and food. Sometimes Burmese soldiers would just occupy our villages, staying in our houses, eating our food and killing our chickens. We cannot refuse them; we are afraid they will punish or torture us if we refused to give them our food. I know that some people got shot for not giving food to the Burmese soldiers.

People leaving a rusty train
People leaving a rusty train

“It was not safe for me anymore to stay, because some of my friends, boys and girls, were taken by Burmese soldiers to work for them. It’s particularly dangerous for girls. I heard the Burmese soldiers do bad things to them. So, when the Burmese came to our village, my parents needed to hide me. This was very stressful because we didn’t know when they would show up.

“Finally, my parents decided to send me to the children’s home. They heard of this home via some friends. I am new here at the home, and I like it here very much. Everyone accepted me and it feels I am part of a big family. The daily devotions are the highlight of my day. I have never experienced kindness and God’s love in my life before.”

Please pray for the team in Myanmar, that they would be protected from those who might harm them. Pray also that the children and young people who come to the home would find it a place of safety and blessing, full of the love of God.



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