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Unreached People Group – the Banjar

This month’s unreached people group are the Banjar people. There are 4.3 million Banjar in the country of Indonesia with this country with no known evangelical believers.

Unreached People Group – the Banjar
Unreached People Group – the Banjar

The Banjar are considered a frontier unreached people group which means the population of Banjar Christians of any kind is less than 0.1%. It also means there is no evidence of a self–sustaining gospel movement.

The pervasiveness of Islam in Banjar society influences every aspect of individual and family life. Banjar identity is inseparable from the Islamic religion. Islamic celebrations and the month–long fast of Ramadan are rigorously observed.

At the same time, traditional animistic beliefs are common. Many Banjar believe that certain supernatural powers reside in objects such as stones, trees and mountains.

The Banjar are resistant to modern methods and technologies nor do they mix much with other groups. This isolation has limited their development of education, health care and water purification.

How To Pray

  • Pray that God would send workers for the harvest so that many Banjar would come to Christ
  • Pray that the Lord would use other believers near the Banjar to reach them
  • Pray for those already making efforts to engage this people group, may they be encouraged and know the Lord’s leading

Why not adopt the Banjar for prayer this month with your children, in your Bible study or in your church?



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