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Healing Comes to Refugee Camp

A team ministering to refugees in the Middle East recently shared with us an amazing testimony of a man who has come to Christ. Below he tells his story…

“There can be no place lonelier than a refugee camp in northern Iraq. On one hand, it is a place of safety after the trauma of escaping from terrorist activity, but on the other, there’s a great challenge. How do you cope when those from whom you are trying to escape are fellow Muslims?

“Some of my companions in the camp started attending a weekly church service held by some Christians. At least in the camp, it was relatively safe to do so. Some of them became Christians, believing that Jesus is indeed the Son of God and that he had come to save us from our sins, with many even going on to be baptised. 

Main in Middle Eastern attire
Main in Middle Eastern attire

“I was sceptical but I decided to go along to a prayer meeting, one which took place just before Covid–19 began to make such a significant impact. But I had a problem. I was sick with diabetes and that had caused all kinds of complications including swollen feet. In short, I was a mess and my health was deteriorating. More than that, I had no money for proper medical treatment – what refugee has?

“Taking my courage in both hands, I asked those at the prayer meeting to pray for me. I was desperate. To my surprise, not only did they pray but they were crying out to God in tears. I had never known such an outpouring of love and they hardly knew me. 

“I left the prayer meeting, not knowing what to feel or even what to look for but, within two days, I started to feel much better and my symptoms were getting less and less. I am not sure I believed it. But after another two days, I was feeling much better. The swelling was going away and I felt stronger than I had done for a long time. 

“I decided to go and see a doctor, a Muslim, who, after an examination, told me that my body was really healthy. I told him that Jesus had healed my body through the prayers of some Christian people, and it did not cost me a thing! 

“Through tears, I called the leader of the Christian group who had prayed for me and told him what had happened. Jesus healed my body and He has healed my soul. Praise His name!”

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