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From Shamanism to Christ

The team in Mongolia were recently contacted by a woman in great need. Just surviving through the harsh winter temperatures is a challenge in itself, but with five young children to care for and being in the middle of a recovery from liver treatment, Munkhjargal was crying out for help.

Snowy landscape with Mongolian tent
Snowy landscape with Mongolian tent

The family had previously been in contact with our partners, the children having received a set of warm clothes including jackets and boots through our Winter Kits project. Munkhjargal’s husband, like many in Mongolia, has a drinking problem and the family struggle to get enough food. They had attempted to heat their ger, a traditional Mongolian home, by fueling the stove with the old clothing that had been replaced. But now they were desperate.

Some coal was supplied to the family to help them through the crisis and they were very appreciative of this practical help. Another visit some time later created a great opportunity to share the gospel and to hear the disturbing story of how Munkhjargal found herself in hospital with liver problems.

Mongolian woman inside tent with stove
Mongolian woman inside tent with stove

She had been very religious and often consulted the Shamans. Although Mongolia is predominantly Buddhist, the traditional cultural religion of Shamanism still holds a tight grip on many people. One day, a Shaman told Munkhjargal that she needed to receive the special calling to become a Shaman herself.

Her initiation ceremony into this dark art involved being given a large bottle of alcohol to drink and then running up a mountain. She had never consumed much alcohol or run long distances before, and it affected her liver very badly. When she came back from the ceremony, she threw up blood and became unconscious, ending up in hospital.

During the visit of our partners, Munkhjargal said,

“I now know that shamans are false and have no compassion for people. I saw the difference between Shamanism and Christianity. I believe that even you didn’t know what is happening in my life, but God knows everything. He sent you to us. I am grateful to God for His love and help. I want to know God more. Thank you for your kind heart and prayers.”

Munkhjargal and her children are now attending the local church and growing in their faith. Praise the Lord!

Our Mongolia fund supports the work of numerous gospel initiatives in Mongolia.


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