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Coronavirus Relief in India

Nearly one month ago, India was put into lockdown due to the imminent threat of the coronavirus. Many have identified India as a country particularly vulnerable to the virus. With a population of over 1.3 billion, a quarter of whom live in abject poverty, the lockdown has hit the nation hard. Millions have been left without jobs and homes virtually overnight.

Thanks to your support, our partners in Delhi and the south of the country have been able to help meet, in small ways, the enormous need of those affected by the lockdown.

Bringing aid to Delhi

Our partners in Delhi have been busy making and distributing face masks to locals after the government made it compulsory to wear one outside of the home. They have also identified 2000 families in need of food packages and have been meeting these families with essential supplies.

An Indian family wearing masks
An Indian family wearing masks

Our partners have shared a story of one family they have met with these packages:

“Chand is married with two small children and works on a construction site for a daily wage. His work is setting up bamboo scaffolding. On the day the lockdown was announced he fell at work and fractured his right leg. His wife also lost her job working in homes as a cleaner at the same time.

They heard we were providing food packages and Chand’s wife tearfully came to ask us for food so she could feed her children. They are among the millions who are stranded in different cities. We have assured them of food aid until things get back to normal and both of them can work again.”

Man giving bag of food away
Man giving bag of food away

Doors opening in southern India

Our partners in southern India are sharing practical aid to those in need of help as the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise. 

Recently, they were able to provide practical aid to local families living in slum areas.

An amazing opportunity presented itself when our partners were contacted by the local government to assist in the provision of personal protective equipment to key workers such as police officers and other front line staff who are working in rural areas.

People receiving food aid
People receiving food aid

This is a wonderful opportunity for our partners to work closely with local authorities and develop relationships for future ministry

Please pray for the team here as they continue to reach people desperately in need of help during these days of lockdown. May the Lord reveal Himself to many through their actions.



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