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Sri Lanka Update

Around one month ago, on Easter Sunday, a wave of attacks on churches and hotels killed 259 people and injured many more in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka Update
Sri Lanka Update

This came as a great shock to believers in the nation, who are used to opposition but would never have expected such a large and violent attack. Our partners on the ground are continuing their faithful ministry and ask that we stand with them, lifting up their nation in prayer.

How to pray

  • Pray for the families of those who died to know the comfort of the Lord and the hope of eternal life in Christ
  • Lift up those who rely on tourism for their livelihoods, that they would not suffer as a result of these attacks, and for the country’s economy to remain strong for the sake of the vulnerable
  • Pray that this incident would not be used for political gain, or to incite further violence
  • Ask God to strengthen our partners and other gospel workers, enabling them to continue their work boldly
  • Pray for believers and churches to remain faithful and steadfast


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