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Caught in the Crossfire

Myanmar is home to the world’s longest–running civil war. For over 70 years, this nation has been embroiled in fighting between state forces and various armies formed from different people groups. Millions live alongside this seemingly endless conflict. Shooting, bombings and death are just a part of everyday life for many.

Many children and young people are left without homes to go to or families to care for them. It is a real privilege to be able to support ongoing ministry to children like these and we are so encouraged when we receive news of young people thriving and coming to faith through this ministry.

As you might expect in a place as full of conflict as Myanmar, there are often stories that deeply sadden us. Our partners have shared news with us about two young brothers who stayed at one of the homes for a while: Mahka and Silya.

Two youngsters on a moped
Two youngsters on a moped

The brothers had been separated from their father when their home was attacked. The pair found a safe home with our partners and after hearing the Word of God taught faithfully, began to follow Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

The boys later left the home to be reunited with their father. When fighting recommenced, the family were forced to constantly be on the move. Sadly, Silya, the younger brother, rang our partners with the news that Mahka had passed away after a short illness. Silya thanked our partners for introducing his brother to the Lord and shared that neither of them forgot what they had learned while living at the home. He was invited back to the home but decided that the journey would be too dangerous to complete.

We thank God for the gift of His Son and for saving Mahka. Although his life on earth was difficult, he is now with the Lord forever. Please pray for Silya, that the Lord would comfort him at this time and that he would continue to trust and follow Christ.

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