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Bibles for China

Our partners operating in China report that they were able to print and distribute over 1.1 million full Chinese Bibles last year. Our partners give all the glory to God, recognising that in the difficult nation of China each copy of the Scriptures given is a miracle.

Bibles for China
Bibles for China

Many have wondered if such a need for Bibles in China remains. One large printing press in China has recently been boasting that they have produced over 200 million Bibles in the last 30 years! Sadly, however, the vast majority of these Bibles are exported out of China. At least two–thirds of this figure are sent to other nations in the world having been printed in all kinds of languages.

Therefore, over the last 30 years, it’s likely that only 60 million Chinese Bibles have remained in the nation. However, our partner tells us that these copies of God’s Word are only available to registered Christians government–approved churches. These churches are monitored closely by the government and are often little more than propaganda centres for the Chinese Communist Party.

There remain over 60 million house church believers that are strictly forbidden from getting one of these copies reserved for registered Christians. Recently the government has even reduced the number of Chinese Bibles allowed to be printed by this printing press so soon, even the registered churches will face a huge shortage of God’s Word.

China still needs the Bible. Millions of believers are without copies of God’s Word. 

Please pray for our partners supplying Scripture into this vast and dark land.


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