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A Whole House Saved!

Our partners’ shelter in South–East Asia seeks to rescue victims of sexual slavery, offering a home to many young women and girls as young as eight years old.

The shelter offers the education and opportunities many of these girls were promised before they found themselves in slavery. The girls are built up and prepared for life after the shelter by learning skills for future employment, such as sewing and baking, and every effort is made to reconnect the girls with their families.

A new approach

A number of years ago, the nation in which the shelter operates undertook a new plan to combat human trafficking. Consequently, attention from the government towards brothel owners and suspected human traffickers has increased. The team have recently seen the tangible effects of the policy change at one of the brothels they visit.

Moped on a city street at night
Moped on a city street at night

The police organised a raid on the premises and arrested the owner of the brothel for trafficking drugs, stolen vehicles and young women for sex. Our partners were able to speak with some of the girls left in the aftermath of this particular raid.

A celebration

The team is currently celebrating news of an entire brothel coming to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour for the first time. Seven girls, along with the owner of the brothel, made the decision to follow Jesus and leave the sex industry.

In September, all eight were baptised and the team continue to walk beside them as they get to grips with the Christian faith.


How to Pray

  • Pray for the staff as they build relationships with the young women being sold
  • Pray that more young women would leave the sex industry and stay at the shelter
  • Pray for these new believers, that they would be protected from attacks and grow in faith



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