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Witnessing to Widows

Providing new homes in South–East Asia.

Many women in South–East Asia lose everything when they lose their husband – their source of income, their security, and even their homes. Widows are among the most vulnerable and marginalised in many parts of this region. Little care is offered to them, even from other family members who are often struggling to provide for themselves, let alone anyone else.

Our partners in South–East Asia have been ministering to vulnerable widows by providing new homes, crucial support, and sharing the gospel. Several years ago, we launched the Home Alone Appeal to help this vital ministry. The generosity of so many provided sufficient funds for over 120 new homes.


In recent months, many more widows have received this life–changing gift. Thirty–three new homes have been constructed, each with a sturdy tin roof to protect the residents from the elements. Monsoon season brings torrential rains, and so most of the homes are built on stilts to help minimise the risk of flooding.

Within the home, a gift of a water filter is also provided, helping relieve these isolated women from the arduous task of collecting and purifying water. The easy access to clean water helps keep sickness at bay.

Every recipient of a home has also been told the reason for the gift. Evangelists explain that it is the love of God that motivates them to provide this aid. Passages in Scripture are pointed to that mandate the care of widows. The gospel is shared, often for the first time, with several of the widows.

Pray for all those receiving these homes that they would know security and comfort. Pray for many to respond in faith to this example of love and gospel message.


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