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Gospel Growth in Iran

Training the next generation of pastors for the growing church.

Amazingly, research today suggests that the fastest growing church in the world can be found in Iran, a land in which, since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, has been opposed to Christianity. In Iran, where persecution is commonplace and where pastors are attacked and imprisoned, the Lord is building His church!

A theological training college is seeking to raise upthe next generation of pastors for this rapidly growing church. Remote studies allow these partners to train eager men and women for ministry to help shepherd the increasing flock and join what God is doing in Iran.


Our partners report an increasing disillusionment among ordinary Iranian citizens and government workers alike. Eyes are being opened to the futility of Islam and the strict regime that has been place for decades. House churches, meeting discreetly, are increasing in size, reflecting the growing appetite of people to consider the claims of Christianity.

Once a quiet, underground movement in Iran, gospel progress is beginning to be seen at all levels of society. Our partners are currently training a well–known Iranian celebrity whose situation is incredibly sensitive.

Much prayer is needed for those enrolled in this college. Many who join lessons remotely are physically isolated from other believers. While the church is growing, much opposition still exists to the spread of gospel. These trainee pastors will need godly discernment as they begin ministry in such a sensitive context.

Pray with us for this crucial training and for many more pastors and gospel workers to raised up for Iran. Praise God for how He is working in this most unlikely of places and ask that those who serve Him would be blessed as they boldly share Christ.

Support the training of workers in Iran through the Asian Workers Fund.


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