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Addiction Recovery in Central Asia

Transforming lives under pressure.

In a Central Asian nation that we cannot name for reasons of security, serving Christ is fraught with danger. This land is majority–Muslim, and recent years have seen escalating pressure on different groups and ministries operating within the country.

By the grace of God, one of our partner ministries continues to endure. The focus of this ministry is an addiction recovery programme for men. Addiction is a widespread problem in this nation, with estimates indicating that over 4.5 million addicts live across urban and rural areas. 


The programme offers safe accommodation and skills training to the men enrolled. Counsellors get alongside the men helping them to address not only their addiction, but emotional and spiritual needs too. Praise God that several men have trusted Christ through the ministry!

The challenge of working in this Central Asian land recently came into sharp focus. James, whose name has been changed for security, is a key member of this ministry who had to flee the country for safety last year.

An individual receiving treatment for his addiction in the program appeared to profess faith in Christ. However, joy turned to sorrow when this same man later informed the nation’s secret police that James was a Christian leader seeking to convert Muslims. While this individual later repented of his actions, James had to flee and has only recently been able to return to the country.

Despite these challenges, the Lord is at work and is changing lives Three men who have been a part of the addiction recovery programme have recently put their faith in Christ and a baptism service is being planned!

Pray with us for this sensitive ministry, for the Lord’s protection and for those undertaking the programme, that recovery would be achieved and faith placed in Jesus Christ. 

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