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Following Christ, Not Spirits!

Bibles for the Teizang Chin people.

God’s Word remains in short supply across much of Asia. A translation of the New Testament has been recently completed for the Teizang Chin people. Numbering around 20,000, they have never had the Bible in their own language before. 

Kan is one of those who received a copy of this New Testament and was an integral part of the work translating it.


“I was raised in an animist family. My father was the leader of the spirit worshippers in our village. I never worshipped the spirits myself as I always attended the local church. Eventually my dad stopped me from going.

When I was older, my dad couldn’t forbid me any longer and I had freedom to follow whatever religion I wanted. When I was 20 years old, I went to an outreach event and accepted Christ as my Saviour.



My father tried to convince me to join him in the traditional spirit worship, but I explained to him that I had decided to follow Jesus alone. My father was devastated but praise God, after four years of praying, he accepted Christ himself and removed all the idols from his home.

Never before did I have a Bible in my own language. I was so glad to be able to help translate the Scriptures for my people. Thank you for helping to provide these New Testaments. Finally we can study God’s Word for ourselves.”


Praise God for the provision of His Word and pray that the seed that is sown through the giving of these Bibles would have an mighty harvest for the Kingdom of God.



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