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Witnessing in a Warzone

Gospel proclamation amidst Myanmar’s conflict.

In Myanmar, our partner Dedan, whose name has been changed for security, leads a theological college training young men and women for ministry to their own people groups. Each student spends three years at the college, learning how to faithfully handle God’s Word and being trained for evangelism and church planting.

Alongside the training offered by the college, multiple opportunities to reach out to unreached regions of the country are taken by the students. Special outreach events are organised by the college, giving the students experience in connecting with people and sharing Christ.


Dedan has joyfully shared with us the impact of these outreach efforts over the past few months. In the last quarter of 2023, 1700 children and 350 adults heard the gospel through the work of the college!

It’s wonderful to hear of the gospel being proclaimed in Myanmar, even amidst escalating conflict and violence across the country. But while uncertainty and instability appear to reign in Myanmar, the Lord still builds His church! Dedan was delighted to be able to safely travel to two church dedications recently built by graduates of the college and their congregations!

One of the graduates, the pastor of a congregation meeting in the new building said, “The existence of this church building is by no accident. It is the fruit of our love for the Jesus we serve and love. Through erecting this small, simple, and humble church building, we are giving a public statement to the community that, here exist a group of faithful believers who worship the Living God here.”

Praise God for the faithful and bold witness of this church family. Many onlookers, especially those from Buddhist or animist backgrounds, will be greatly opposed to the presence of Christians. Churches have also been targeted by those fighting in Myanmar’s ongoing conflict. Indeed, some believers are too scared to work in the fields for fear of being caught in the crossfire of the war.

Pray for peace to come to Myanmar and for the work of the theological college led by Dedan. Pray for the graduates to grow deep in their knowledge of the Lord and be well prepared for ministry in this unstable land. 

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