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Bibles for the Ngawn Chin

Giving God’s Word to those waiting for decades.

We’re passionate about translating and then printing and distributing Bibles for people waiting for a copy in the language they best understand.

A recent distribution took place among the Ngawn Chin people in South–East Asia. One pastor, who had waited years for a Bible, shared his story: 

“My name is Bawi. I am 78 years old and I have served the Lord as a pastor for 56 years in the small church of my village. When I went to Bible college many years ago, I had a copy of the Bible to help in my studies. This Bible was precious to me and my family. 

One day a forest fire rapidly spread near our village. My family and I and the other villagers ran for our lives. Our house and all our belongings were burned. Our precious Bible was gone. 

For many years I served the Lord without a Bible. At one point I became excited when I heard Bibles were for sale nearby, but these were in a language I don’t understand. In total, I pastored the church for 49 years without a Bible I could read. 


Today you have given New Testaments to every member of my church. They are reading God’s Word every day and after only three weeks I noticed great changes in the village. The people’s love for their love for one another has grown greatly. They have stopped gossiping and speaking negatively and instead they are praising and thanking God. They are all hungry to understand God’s word better and many are coming to the church services more regularly!” 

What a blessing it is to have Bibles in our own language, and to be taught by people who have access to an abundance of translations and study resources. 

Pray with us for the ongoing work of translating, printing and distributing Bibles to believers, including church leaders, who do not yet have a copy of God’s Word. 

You can give a Bible today for just £4.


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